The reality-based, scalable blockchain

What is the technology behind Younus?

  • A blockchain platform to record assets and transactions in a trust-less and tamperproof way
  • A hybrid delegated consensus model called Proof of Reality:
    • - Stake
    • - Validity
    • - Connectivity
  • Scalability by using Delegated Proof of Reality alongside DAG managed off-chain storage.
  • Infrastructure to securely encrypt communications between IoT devices and the blockchain directly
  • Younus Virtual Machine (YVM)
    • - Native Java framework to make development accessible to a wide range of developers as well as utilising existing tools.
    • - Smart contracts enabling exchange of value in a transparent and conflict-free way without any 3rd parties
    • - Decentralised applications that anyone can publish to connect participants directly
    • - Decentralised data identity allowing users to own and protect their identity and data
  • Sidechains for companies to kick-start their own economies on top of Younus

Younus is modernising trade as we know it

  • Empowering enterprises to utilize blockchain and IoT.
  • Reducing supply chain overhead by digitizing and automating bureaucracy and payment cycles.
  • Tokenizing trade assets to improve liquidity.
  • Providing investment opportunities to the global supply chain market.
  • Offering traceability of goods and services throughout the value chain.

Younus is a protocol designed to meet business needs for transparency, security and speed

  • Building a blockchain ecosystem that digitises assets and transactions and is trust-less and tamperproof
  • Providing infrastructure for IoT devices, automating quality control and blockchain interaction.
  • Utilizing data provided to and by the blockchain to increase transparency and reduce risk for financial institutions.
  • Ensuring the data collected remains secure and private throughout the transmission processes
  • Ensuring the data collected remains secure & private throughout the transmission processes.
  • Working closely together with its ecosystem partners to advise on deployment strategies and develop the implementation operations to ensure compatibility of the systems communicating with the Younus platform

Watch how Younus works

Explainer video